Designer Profile

Deepika Royalty Jewels transports classical luxury into the modern world. Inspired by the historic Mughal culture of 16th century India, our pieces are made with the same expert craftsmanship and meticulous care as if they were delivered from the golden ages itself. Our expertise allow us to selectively design and manufacture a broad array of pieces suitable for your most luxurious celebrations or your most intimate occasions.
Discover ” Deepika Royalty Jewels” – The contemporary expression of classical and comtemporary Indian luxury.
Deepika, a new generation jewelry designer comes from the old city of Jaipur. Jaipur, the pink city of INDIA is renowned all over the world for its architecture and ancient historical designs in jewelry like silver, gems, kundan and Meenakari work . The history of Jaipur dates back to more than two and a half centuries with the famed Indian Gems City of Jaipur still a hotspot in Gems ‘n’ Jewelry. Deepika Royalty Jewels carries forward a legacy of 30 glorious years which was started by her grandfather.
Having completed her studies at the prestigious Gemological Institute of America, she takes inspiration from all aspects of the modern world. Her jewelry is mostly inspired from the historical heritage of Jaipur but other than that she also designs fantasy based works stimulated from flora and fauna, planets and gods, mystical creatures etc. She approaches the creation of unique couture jewelry with creativity, passion and combines it with a unique sense of heritage and style. She works with diamonds, polki uncut diamonds, precious stones and semi-precious stones.
There is always an invisible story behind every small piece of jewelry cased within precious metals and gem stones. Even in her childhood, Deepika had been very passionate about the design and craftsmanship. Deepika has worked with some very talented artisans and designers, not to mention the most exquisite of gemstones and noble metals.
Deepika designs and manufactures every piece of jewelry in-keeping with the highest global standards, knowing well, how significant the sentiment behind the story could be. She absorbs the sensibility of their customers and guides them through a gentle, well empowered personalized selection process. She believes that there is nothing more beautiful than an exquisite piece of jewelry to relish wonderful moments of life. Deepika finds it to be her prime responsibility to offer her clients with something exceptional and matchless that brings along a wonderful story to celebrate.
Deepika with her golden touch has turned her passion for jewelry into a thriving business. polki uncut diamonds maintain their value in all markets internationally and are therefore a great investment, as they are from ancient India, Mughal and Kundan era which makes them very beautiful and honorable. Deepika Royalty also has a great collection in the mughal dynasty inspired jewelry.
Aspiration is not the only thing required to transform jewelry into an art form, it requires a lot of aesthetics, personal beliefs and a real passion for jewelry. Deepika Royalty not only claims to be jewelry destination of choice for every occasion but also from a woman’s everyday wear to delicately crafted pieces for the biggest day of her life.
Deepika Verma Gupta